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Business Aviation Tips and Inflight Catering for Chambery (LFLB), Lyon (LFLL) and Grenoble, France

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

Winter slowly invades skii resorts, it is the perfect setting to learn more about Chambery, and the 2 other alternative airports of France and the popular skiing destination – the French Alps.

Chambery airport LFLB is one the best options to land for business aviation trip.

Alternatively the all 3 airports are Chambery Savoie Airport (LFLB), Lyon (LFLL) and Grenoble (LFLS).

When prepairing your catering order, be aware of local restrictions, it is not possible for instance to bring food from restaurants, etc

Inflight catering is available at Chambery Savoie Airport through the Fine Dining Flight Network.

Peak season follows the winter ski season, so it is best to plan your arrangements as far in advance as possible if your trip occurs during those months.

Viewing the culinary side of Chambery, you will find pasta, especially the type called “crozets,” which is known as a Savoie pasta. Savouet bread, which comes in either baguette of cross-shaped loaves, is an artisan treat. Diots, a small pork sausage, is a popular local food item that is served with crozets. Potatoes and mushrooms are found in many local dishes, as are freshwater fish from Lac du Bourget. The regional also boasts many distinct types of cheese, such as Tomme de Savoie, Bleu de Termignon, Beaufort and Abondance. Wine and vermouth are also of local and cultural importance, with dozens of local varieties. For sweets, Chambery is the origin of the chocolate truffle and Savoy cake.

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