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Luxury takeaway food comes in luxury packaging …

More and more Flight Attendants nowadays opt for the restaurant or hotel pick up. With this often come some challenges. Will packaging be suitable? Will the sauces be separated? Will the packaging be microwavable? Oven proof? Or if for a short leg where the FA has no time to replate, will the packaging be luxurious enough?

Takeaway food has long been neglected by packaging designers. Back in the day, most restaurants and luxury hotels were happy to serve their dishes in plain big bulky boxes, containing little to no attention to detail. In many places, this challenge can still be present however today, certain restaurants offer luxury takeaway meals in fitting luxury packaging. We aim to ask this from our suppliers & repeatedly remind them of the importance of our request.

Carry your sandwich in style …corporate jet yummy sandwiches...

Remember those takeaway sandwiches you find at ’simple’ stores that always come in flimsy plastic wrappers? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! There are many ‘gourmet shops’ that focus on not only making a tasty and beautiful sandwich but they wrap it up in luxury. The elegant packaging design we ask our partners to supply even makes the sandwich look more tasteful!

Or how about a simple cupcake? With an elegant and classy designed wrap , you won’t get sticky fingers and you won’t have passengers asking you for a wet towel after every bite, they will even look stylish and trendy whilst eating this little piece of heaven!

Luxury to go packaging for private jets...

To go meals are not uncommon in most cities but you won’t necessarily find many packages that look as great as the award winning ones. The perfect take away meal for a corporate aircraft, should not only taste great at but also look great on the outside! Especially for those ladies who don’t have time to replace, etc.

Let us work with you to find the suppliers that understand these challenges. Takeout meals for corporate aircraft need to be very tasty for sure, but who said they can’t be classy from the outside as well ?!

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