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Perfect Onboard Experience : A Marriage between Cabin Interiors & Fine Dining

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

How important is it to allow our VIP passengers to feel fully as if in the comfort of their own home while dining on board?

The ultimate cabin experience would be described as a perfect atmosphere born of a fusion between a beautifully designed cabin, with colours in assortment with the tableware combined with a wonderful gastronomic experience.

The carefully chosen interiors in most corporate jets are mostly quite refined. If a corporate FA has the sense of creativity to apply the main cabin colours chosen by the Owners (usually their favourite colours) , to for example the welcome drink, colours of the oshibori’s , colors of the flowers in accordance with the colours of the fruit basket, etc this small detail can bring a big difference in the first impression of the passengers stepping inside the cabin. We all know, you never have a second chance to make a first impression !

This creativity, if cleverly combined with well selected dishes and presentation there of will bring ultimate luxury experience, what every passenger expects when flying private.

A faithful Client of any charter company will surely pick up on all these types of details ,which can be expressed in many ways such as the aircraft furniture & matching accessories, pillows , throughs , complements displayed in a table setting prepared with care and beautiful plate presentation describes the ultimate dimension of onboard luxury, guaranteeing you happy private jet frequent flyers.

When bringing Fine Dining on board, the unique creations form Chefs around the world that stand out from the ordinary catering, going the extra mile to source the finest cuisine , truly guarantee very pleased clients. The simple touch of having the colour of the flowers on board, the welcome petit fours or macaroons to be the same tone as the pillows or fine cashmere luxury throw reflects a fine attention to detail, elegance, suggesting luxurious, enveloping atmospheres and promising an ultra pleasant flight.

The perfect onboard dining experience would be described as a meeting between fashion, design & exquisite culinary touches. The difference is in the details and our dear passengers surely have an eye and appreciation for detail !

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