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Maldives (VRMM) operations (and Catering) begin December 2018 !

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Fine Dining will make your journey last with exclusive Fine Dining Experience

My Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It’s simply a beautiful spot in the world, and as a result, it sees significant business and GA traffic creating a rapidly growing tourism economy.

However, like many locations, operating there and having to rely on multiple third parties, and various levels of safety and service standards, created many challenges.

To help reduce your risk and stress and take more ownership when flying to the Maldives, we found an amazing partner in Maldives, and together have launched the joint venture Fine Dining Maldives ® .

Fine Dining Maldives ® is a multi-award winning catering company providing finest and delicious catering services to the booming tourism industry in the Maldives since 2015.

The Maldives area popular but potentially challenging destination for our clients, so it was important for us to identify a partner in Maldives that will not only reduce our customers’ risk and stress on the ground but provide them with an unforgettable experience through pro-active catering management, versus relying solely on third-parties.

Tourism is a major reason for much of the corporate jet aviation traffic to the Maldives, said Ahmed SHATEER , Managing Director, Fine Dining Maldives ®. Our team members are trained to the VIP catering support standards.

The combination of our strenuous international standards, processes, customer service, ramp safety, and compliance combined with local talent and catering expertise is going to deliver an experience worthy of this paradise.

If you do have a trip headed there, I’d love to hear from you how it goes and if there’s anything we can do to better support you.

Heading toward the home stretch of 2018 and looking ahead to next year, it’s going to be a busy one, especially with high-traffic events. In the next few weeks, I’ll let you know some of the biggest ones that could have an impact on your missions.

Until then, safe travels and eat healthy,

Imed Salam

Senior Catering Representative


If you have any questions about inflight catering for private jets in Maldives (VRMM - VRMG) contact order@finediningflight.com

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